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Your strong logistics service provider with a maritime Characteristics

ICT is your top logistics service provider with a maritime dimension. Given our presence in more than 75 countries by working together with our associates, we are able to offer integrated solutions for global transport challenges. Since 1972 ICT held a leading position in implementing the multi-modal transport.

Our global activity is based upon our branches located at rail, road and waterway terminals in Germany. We transport sea containers quickly, cost-effectively and on a sustained basis through these transport hubs sited at strategic locations via seaports from and to virtually all large consumer centres throughout Europe. There we offer modern supply chain solutions, customs and storage facilities, value added logistics and a dense European distribution network. By covering the entire range of logistics services we are always able to provide the best solution for the logistic challenges presented by large and small businesses. With regard to this we are continually investing in the development and innovation of our range of logistics services.

  • Global transport of all types
  • Our hauliers and shipping specialists have skill and experience
  • Extensive business network
  • Modern communications technology
  • EDI links (EDIFACT / XML)
  • Comprehensive document handling
  • L/C – Consular invoice – Insurance policies (AEO)
  • Customs clearance for imports, transit documents (ATLAS)
  • Storage, OCW (Open Customs Warehouse)
  • Packing of all types
  • Translations
  • Handling hazardous cargo (IMO)