Co-ordination, Control and Combination

Wide-bodied as well as refrigerated vehicles

Overland transport (Truck)

Safe and fast by road as well

Cross-border truck transportation presents logistics with a particular challenge. Our services include national and European full-load deliveries plus part-load deliveries. Our specialists have many years’ experience, the language and technical skills and have access to an extensive network of associates. You can rely upon us to organize overland transport to the CIS states, Turkey, the Near East and the so-called STAN countries as well as in the opposite direction in a highly-efficient manner. This covers full-loads (FTL) and part-loads (LTL) in curtain-sided, wide-bodied or refrigerated vehicles with all pre-carriage and onward-carriage. Our service covers document management for export customs declarations, import customs clearance, transit documents, L/Cs, certificates of origin and consular invoices. In addition to this, we organize storage, in an open customs warehouse and look after the necessary packing as well as translations.

  • Modern communication technology
  • Customs export declarations: TIR carnets and T forms
  • Storage, also transit goods
  • Hazardous goods / ADR