AEO certified Company


Customs-related work

The EU customs regulations are highly complex and there are many risks inherent in them. You can rely upon us to act on your behalf as we have many years’ experience in handling all different sorts of customs procedures to draw upon. As an AEO-certified business (AEO-F) we have trained specialists and state-of-the-art electronic customs-compliant systems at your command and the security that your customs-related matters are in good hands with us.

  • Customs clearance (Export / Import registrations) at all German customs offices (ATLAS)
  • Import duties can be paid through the deferment account held by ICT GmbH
  • Storage facility and bonded warehouse in Duisburg (Inland port) and Gera
  • Presentation of non-community goods (T1) as a registered consignee in Duisburg and Gera
  • TIR carnet clearance in Gera and Neuss
  • Electronic pre-registration for TIR carnet, throughout Germany
  • Preparation of proof of movement certificates (EUR.1, EUR-MED and A.TR.)
  • Non-binding information on customs tariffs
  • Monitoring exports
    • Rapid handling without delays, throughout Germany
  • Reduced administration expense
    • Experienced and trained specialist staff
    • You can put your customs clearance in good hands and devote your freed-up resources to your core business.